Учет компьютеров
Computer inventory, equipment, software and IT infrastructure
Professional inventory:
     - computer equipment, office equipment, networks
     - software and licenses
     - accessories and spare parts
     - consumables, stationery, furniture, inventory
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Computer inventory 

Sooner or later every company required to restore complete order in the company IT infrastructure, to gain control over equipment movement, plan the maintenance work orders and purchase, write-off and accounting machines. It should be possible at any time centrally receive full information about the status of accountable equipment - it all becomes easy to implement this task for IT Invent users.

      IT Invent program allows for inventory control computers keeping the equipment in the enterprise, accounting office equipment, printers, refill cartridges, accounting office equipment, software, accessories, consumables and any other equipment as well as furniture and other equipment. Accounting computer equipment is carried out in the framework of organizations and their affiliates. In addition, there is a network scanning and inventory of computers on a network with automatic data collection. to scan a network program creates the equipment based on the basis of the data collected. Now, network equipment inventory is easy. Sitemy IT Invent it helps administrators, IT staff departments and their managers, warehouse manager and anyone who needs to have a clear and up to date picture of the state park of IT equipment.

      If you're keeping in the computer technology company in the tables Excel or Access files, and can not determine exactly where the kakoy-libo computer, printer or laptop and an employee in which they state, and which organization owns equipment, you need convenient reliable program that allows keep records of the equipment! User-friendly and functional interface allows you to quickly access the necessary parameters take into account technology, as well as track the changes made to each unit of accounting. With centralized data, IT Invent computer inventory software makes it possible to plan and take into account the purchase, replacement, repairs, maintenance, operation and write-off of computers and any other equipment related to the IT division and beyond. 

Программа учета компьютеров
учет компьютеров
    Key features of IT Invent:
- Accounting for computers, printers and any other related office equipment.
- Network scan tools. Inventory computers on the network online by scanning through WMI interfaces and SNMP. Software inventory.
- Database support MS Access and MS SQL Server. Working with large amounts of data.
- Multiplayer mode - all branches are working with a single database with access rights.
- Graphical scheduling module and employee work schedules.
- Ability to create and customize their own additional properties of various types.
- Attach images and files to any accounting objects.
- Accounting for orders to suppliers for all types of accounting units.
- For performance of any species within the organization.
- Unique system of creation and printing of inventory labels. Support for special barcode printers.
- Support work with the barcode scanner. Search records in the database for the bar code.
- Module manual inventory of equipment with automated processing of the results.
- Keeping the history of changes in the key fields of accounting entities.
- Allowance for repairs and preventive maintenance of equipment and computers.
- The logical linkage of programs and accessories with the equipment.
- Consideration of consumables, components parts, office.
- Inventory accounting and business accessories.
- Securing of accounting units of the organization. The acts of transfer and acceptance.
- Conducting base of suppliers, the service organizations and other counterparties.
- Flexible access rights for users.
- Configuring E-Mail Alert for the actions of users in the program.
- A large number of built-printed forms and reports with the ability to edit them.
- Import and view data directly from Active Directory.
- Import data from Excel / CSV files.
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 Free version restrictions: restriction 200 configuration items each species. (I.e. in the database, you can simultaneously take into account the 200 items of equipment, 200 items software, 200 items spareparts, 200 items supplies and 200 items of implements). Only license Free has limit of 200 records is imposed also on the results of scanning the network, activities and tasks - for the rest, no such restriction of licenses.
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