Учет компьютеров
Computer inventory, equipment, software and IT infrastructure
Professional inventory:
     - computer equipment, office equipment, networks
     - software and licenses
     - accessories and spare parts
     - consumables, stationery, furniture, inventory
computer accounting software


IT equipment accounting software.  

    IT Invent it not only inventory of computers, printers, software and accessories. It also records of repair and maintenance works on the support of equipment, orders to suppliers, income and moving equipment, registration of contractors, employees, maintenance staff work schedules and timetables and much more. Network scan tools is also included in this software.

IT Invent is a flexible and customizable system, which has an intuitive interface and has the following features:

  • The division accounts for 5 configuration items of basic classes:
    • Equipment (computers, printers, office equipment, network equipment, phones, etc.)
    • Software (software and license numbers)
    • Accessories (memory, cartridges, sim-cards, etc.)
    • Consumables (paper, stationery, toner, cable, etc.)
    • Inventory implements (household supplies, furniture, spec. Clothing, fire equipment, company cars, etc.)
  • Inventory computers and printers on the network by scanning IP ranges using WMI and SNMP interfaces. The ability to export the network scan results to the program and the automatic creation of objects equipment. This tool allows you to get complete information about the computers: CPU, memory, storage, network, installed software and much more. Also collects information on network printers: The number of pages printed, time and more.
  • Program registration LANs and subnets. Keeping accounting static IP addresses. Employment Analysis of IP addresses. Integration with network scanning module.
  • Automatic generation and securing a unique inventory number for each piece of equipment or component parts. Allows you to a unique account, even those devices that do not have their serial number.
  • A unique system for creating and printing of inventory labels. You can print two types of printers: the usual laser printers (A4 size), on the barcode printers (such as Zebra, Godex, etc.). Built-in program label editor allows you to customize the appearance of a label with a bar code on any parameters.
  • Each accounting unit includes a rigidly fixed her property, with all necessary information, and links. In addition, there is the ability to add and customize your own property types. Additional properties may be of the following types: text, number, date, logical yes / no, color, link, money, list, multiple choice.
  • Keeping the history of changes in the key fields of all types of accounting units. In addition to the key fields, the system records the operator name, date and time of the change. To all the key changes, you can specify a comment, which is also recorded in history. With automatic updates to the system itself adds comments.
  • Accounting for repairs and preventive maintenance of accounting entities. Easy filtering on the field 'Warranty Up' makes it easy to monitor the warranty periods for purchase of equipment.
  • Accounting for any type of work in the organization (for example: Internal repair, Delivery of equipment, inventory, cross-connect network, the account refilling cartridges, etc.). Works may have a connection with all types of accounting entities. In order to set up their work Types and Additional Properties.
  • The logical linkage of programs and accessories with the equipment. For example, the program 'MS Office', accessories 'memory' and 'Hard Drive' can be attached to 'computer' equipment. Logic is not limited to binding - any object can be associated with any object of any type.
  • Accounting for orders to suppliers. You can create orders for any accounting objects and then their automatic debit order by adding objects to the database.
  • Everything can be fixed taking into account the objects of the senior officials with the division into departments and branches. This feature makes it easy to track down the owners of mobile equipment to make the department budget (to plan need for necessary quantity of account materials for a certain period, components for a reserve on a case of possible failures.
  • Maintain database of suppliers, service organizations, and other counterparties. The basis of full contact information is stored. Using information from the database, you can analyze the activity history with vendors, to evaluate the prospect, make plans for the future.
  • Scheduling module allows you to graphically create schedules for different types of resources: staff, branches, locations, units of accounting, the free list. You can maintain the work schedules of employees, equipment maintenance schedules, inventory plans to affiliates, schedule projects, outreach activities, and any other schedules as may be required in the organization.
  • Convenient functions of filters and grouping information in the tables. By grouping the data in selected fields, you can quickly assess the number and composition of the contents of the Group.
  • A large number of built-in reports with the ability to edit.
  • Export data from an Excel spreadsheet, Word, PDF, HTML, Text. Export allows you to process the data of the program at your convenience: create your own reports, printing or downloading of information in the Internet.
  • The search engine will find your unit (or group) from a given criterion. The filter search can participate all the parameters used in the object properties.
  • Flexible access rights for users. An extensive list of rights of access to menus and functions allows a very flexible possibilities to configure each database operator. Members are united in groups of roles. User roles can create, delete and edit.
  • User-friendly interface of the primary data input - the information from the previous record entered is stored in the form. Also it provides a convenient import data from Excel.
  • E-mail notification of all major events in the program. Alerts allow you to customize the interaction between the various services of IT department, accounting and management.
  • Interaction with Active Directory to import the contact data on the company's employees. You can view the complete list of user-friendly online from Active Directory employees.

        IT Invent program is a network. To work on a network with a single database is necessary for each user program in the file 'DBPath.ini' set the path to connect to a database file, or specify the path by selecting the menu item 'File' -> 'Select Database'.

        The branches in different cities should run the program with the same file 'DBPath.ini', so that all users will work with a single database but it is in the history of changes will always be seen who and when brought certain changes.

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